Nikolas Nikolaidis


Photograph of Nikolas NikolaidisEvolutionary Biochemistry of Cellular Stress Response

In our laboratory, we study how proteins differentiate in order to perform specialized functions. In particular, we are using theoretical and experimental approaches to investigate:

a) The origin, long-term evolution, and functional differentiation of molecules involved in the innate and adaptive immune systems. We are studying the Immunoglobulin (Ig)-like domains, which play a pivotal role in the immune response of vertebrates. We are using bioinformatics and phylogenetic methods to study the evolutionary relationships of the Ig-like domains. On the basis of these studies we generate hypotheses, which we test by molecular biology and biochemistry techniques.

b) The functional diversification of stress response proteins. We are studying the heat shock proteins (hsps), which as a major component of the stress response pathway are important for cell survival and homeostasis. We are using comparative genomics/proteomics to reveal conserved and new functional partners of the hsps in evolutionarily key species. We test the physiological importance of these interactions by examining how environmental or molecular perturbations affect the cellular response, adaptation, and survival.

Selected publications (Click for full list)

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