The mission of CABS is to provide research, educational and consulting opportunities and services to the local and state biotechnology/biomedical communities through its applied research programs and workforce-oriented curriculum.


1. To develop educational programs that will support workforce development in biocomputing, bioengineering and biopharmaceutics.
2. To create an environment where applied research by faculty and students is a primary objective.
3. To foster interactions with biotechnology/biomedical industry locally, regionally, and statewide.

Desired Outcomes

1. An increase in the number of Cal State Fullerton students entering the biotechnology/biomedical workforce in Orange County and elsewhere.
2. An increase in applied research projects including joint ventures between CABS faculty and the biotechnology/biomedical industry.
3. An increase in the incidence of technology transfers.
4. To become a vehicle for increased biotechnology/biomedical information flow.